We are hiring!

We are looking for bus drivers who are interested in doing a regular school run or casual driving engagements. Our depot is located at Edwardstown and we do bus charter work for schools in a range of locations across Adelaide.

Position Requirements

Essential: Minimum LR class driver’s licence (MR and HR are desirable)

Essential: Current Large Passenger Accreditation (including all checks and clearances)

Desirable: Experience driving school bus charter work

Position Pay and Conditions

Pay and conditions are set out in the Passenger Transportation Award 2020

Position commences at Casual Grade 3 but some charter work is classified as Grade 4 (depending on size of bus and distance of charter)

(Current award pay rate for Casual Grade 3 is $32.84-$59.11/hour depending on hours worked and applicable penalty rates)

For further information or to apply contact Jimmy on 0411 632 972 or email to jimmy@roundaboutcharter.com